Just 2 Bits 0/1

Welcome to my home on the internet. A blog devoted to tech related projects and accessibility related topics.

What’s in a name? Well, in this case not much more than two simple bits, zero and one. Everything that runs all of our modern technology can be broken down to just these two little bits, which simply represent off and on. While considering this technology blog I thought it was appropriate to break things down to its most basic level. Zero and one, just two bits is all these wondrous technologies are made from.

My name is Ron Leblanc, and this blog is where I want to share my projects, how-to’s and just general musings about technology. I also have been working as an adaptive technologist since 2007, and have an intense interest in assistive technologies. You will find some pretty in-depth articles exploring new and exciting happenings in the AT world here as well.

My hope is that this blog will help others to use and enjoy technology as much as I do.

This is Preston. He was a very good boy.